It’s important to prepare for anything when out in the backcountry— even if it feels like summer in the valleys, it can be cold and winter-like on the high peaks. The right clothing and gear are essential in the unpredictable weather of the Northeast’s mountains. Remember that you need to be prepared for all conditions, as mountain weather is subject to rapid changes and extreme conditions. Before you head out on your adventure, check the local weather and be prepared for severe conditions regardless of season. Pack the 10 essentials and be sure to bring extra layers (including synthetic or wool base and insulating layers, and a windproof/waterproof outer shell), eat high energy foods, and stay hydrated on your trip. Careful planning with adequate supplies will help keep you and your party safe on the trail and assure a fun and adventurous time in the outdoors. If you are ever in doubt, turn around – the mountain will always be there for your return adventure.