COVID-19 Policies

COVID Policies

AMC continues to monitor the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to welcome guests and volunteers into AMC spaces and activities.

As we have all learned throughout the pandemic, every individual has their own risk tolerance. While AMC has taken steps to mitigate some risk, there are still inherent risks involved in overnight lodging, indoor dining, and group travel and activities. Individuals choosing to stay at an AMC hut or lodge or participate in an AMC program in 2023 are assuming personal responsibility and accepting increased risks regarding COVID-19. If you feel uncomfortable with these risks, AMC suggests you delay or modify your adventure to when you feel comfortable joining us. For more detailed information specific to your destination, call our Contact Service Center at 603-466-2727 or email


COVID-19 Guest Information

AMC’s Expectations for our Guests

AMC recommends guests follow CDC guidance to maximize protection and prevent possibly spreading it to others. AMC recommends, but does not require, vaccination to use our facilities. We should all expect to be in the company of both vaccinated and unvaccinated people when engaging with AMC.

We ask that guests staying at an AMC destination or participating in an AMC program be aware of any symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19 and self-test prior to arrival.

AMC recommends guests wear a mask in  High Level Community COVID-19 areas, regardless of vaccination status, per CDC guidelines. If you are in an area of low or medium Community COVID-19, masks are welcome, but not required

AMC encourages guests to check the latest status before visiting one of our locations using this CDC community tool.

AMC believes that the outdoors belongs to everyone. To be sustainable and impactful in carrying out our mission, the AMC community must create and embrace opportunities to be inclusive, kind, and equitable per AMC’s Code of Conduct. Even if you are vaccinated, your efforts to follow our policies will enable all to feel comfortable in the unique communal atmosphere of these special places.

Be sure to read confirmation messages for your stay and/or program and call if you have questions.

If a guest tests positive for COVID-19 during their visit, we ask that the guest notify AMC staff immediately and arrange to leave AMC property. Please reach out to the Contact Service Center to discuss your options at 603-466-2727, Monday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.


AMC’s Expectations for Program Participants

Participants in an AMC program are asked to be aware of any symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19 and self-test prior to arrival. AMC Leaders can exercise discretion in terms of safety and preparedness for the events they lead, including implementing masking requirements when indoors, on transportation, or other circumstances. Please be prepared to wear face coverings when participating or staying with AMC.