Get Involved

Get Involved

Get involved and give back through programs that promote the enjoyment, understanding, and protection of the outdoors.

Discover the various ways our volunteer opportunities, trail maintenance projects, and educational and training programs support a lifetime of fun outdoor experiences that offer the rewards of advancing AMC’s mission. We encourage you to experience, learn about, and appreciate the natural world to help foster environmental stewardship that, in turn, provides an eco-friendly space for recreational opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities 

AMC volunteers get people outdoors and help them gain experience and expertise in the pursuit to protect the natural places we love. Volunteers support activities, programs, and goals throughout the region, with opportunities ranging from naturalists and alpine stewards to trip leaders and program speakers. Share your passion and knowledge by connecting people to the outdoors.

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Get outside and help maintain and repair an extensive network of trails. You can support better outdoor experiences through hands-on options ranging from volunteer vacations to custom crews and Adopt-A-Trail initiatives. Your contributions will pave the way for others to enjoy these trails for countless years to come.

Trail Stewardship Opportunities

Become a Leader

The Center for Outdoor Learning and Leadership (COLL) provides the training and knowledge necessary to ensure safety, conservation, and equitable access to the outdoors. These offerings leverage the expertise and experience of AMC staff and volunteers to offer step-by-step learning opportunities for anyone looking to become a leader in the outdoors.

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Join CAN

Learn more and speak up on issues that threaten the outdoors by joining our Conservation Action Network (CAN).