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Volunteer-led Excursions Worldwide

AMC Adventure Travel offers domestic and international trips throughout the year. Experienced volunteer leaders create, plan, and lead each excursion, fostering a dynamic and active group environment. Though each trip is unique, all strive to fulfill AMC’s mission of promoting stewardship and appreciation of the natural world.

Experience new places and meet people with a shared passion of the outdoors.

Our volunteer-led trips provide opportunities to experience and explore some of the most spectacular places across the U.S. and around the globe. 

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About Adventure Travel
  • Why choose AMC Adventure Travel trips versus those offered by others?

    Each trip is individually conceived and run by the trip leader who is passionate about creating a great experience for an active traveler. Trips are run on a non-profit basis, keeping the initial trip price low. All participant money not spent on the trip is returned to the participant(s).

  • What types of trips are there?

    Adventure Travel takes you to locations both within the United States and to other continents. We travel to national parks in the U.S. like Yosemite and Death Valley, and also travel internationally to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa, Japan, Ireland, England, and many more. We offer hiking, trekking, cycling, kayaking/canoeing, skiing, walking tours and cultural excursions. The level of effort varies from moderate to strenuous. Many of the trips also include a cultural or environmental component.

  • What are the volunteer trip leaders like?

    All are fully qualified AMC chapter trip leaders who have, in addition, undergone substantial additional instruction and training before being allowed to lead adventure travel trips. All have Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification.

  • What is the typical group size?

    One of the benefits of traveling with AMC is the small group sizes. A typical trip will have a leader and an associate leader and 10-16 participants.

  • Who are your fellow trip participants?

    Our trips are open to all! Our participants share a passion and enthusiasm for outdoor recreation. Each trip is made up of a diverse group of people of different ages, backgrounds, nationalities, and genders. The typical age range is 55-70 years old although we often have people younger and older on trips.

  • How long has the AMC been running Adventure Travel trips?

    Adventure Travel has been running trips for over 40 years.

  • How can I learn about the latest trips?

    Sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter! The sign up form is located at the bottom of this page.

  • Can I speak with someone to get more information about the travel program?

    Yes. Please contact our Adventure Travel Program Senior Manager at or (617)-391-6587

Trip and Travel Information
  • Is travel insurance included?

    All of our trip participants are provided with Medical & Evacuation insurance for the duration of the trip. We also encourage participants to purchase additional optional travel insurance to insure themselves against losing the investment you’ve made in your trip. This optional insurance can cover things like trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delays, baggage loss, medical expenses, and medical evacuation.

  • What happens if I need to cancel?

    Cancellation policies vary by trip. Depending on the date you cancel, you may receive a full refund, partial refund, or no refund. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. To purchase a policy, go to RoamRight.

  • Do trips include airfare?

    Most of our trips do not include airfare to/from the destination, either international or domestic. There will be an estimated airfare listed. Some do include airfare which is clearly outlined in the trip cost.

  • How do I apply for a trip?

    You apply for a specific trip by contacting that leader directly from their trip listing. All trip listings contain the leader and, if applicable, the associate leader’s name and contact information. The leader will be able to provide the application materials and answer questions about the specific trip.

  • How fit do I need to be?

    All trips have some level of physical activity but the level of activity varies greatly from trip to trip. The trip prospectus will provide you with an idea of the activity level and the expected fitness level of the participants. The leader of the trip can answer more specifically for an individual trip. View trip rating information.

  • What if I have specific dietary restrictions?

    We will do our best to accommodate trip participants with dietary restrictions. Since our trips run all over the world, often in remote locations, some dietary requests are difficult to accommodate. Please speak with the trip leader for your specific trip about any dietary needs/requests.

  • Can I speak with someone to get more information about trips?

    Yes. Please contact the trip leader directly with your questions or to learn more information about a specific trip.

Trip Resources and Travel Insurance Policies
  • What are the terms and conditions for Adventure Travel trips?

    By booking a trip with us, you agree with the following terms and conditions.


  • How are the trips rated?

    Adventure Travel Trips are rating according to AMC’s activity rating system.

  • What Basic Medical and Emergency Evacuation Insurance is included in your trip fee?

    The Emergency Evacuation with Family Travel benefit and Accident Medical Expense benefit may provide insurance coverage for eligible expenses incurred during the trip for a covered injury or for an emergency evacuation due to a covered injury or sickness. Coverage is available for the trip dates as listed in the trip prospectus.

  • What are the benefits of the Basic Medical and Emergency Evacuation Insurance?

    Accidental Medical Expense Benefit, $5,000 (Maximum Amount) Emergency Evacuation with Family Travel Benefit, $200,000 (Maximum Amount) Emergency Sickness Medical Expense Benefit, $5,000 (Maximum Amount) Accidental Death and Dismemberment, $5,000 (Maximum Amount)

    The Global Travel Assistance Services is available to our trip participants, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in an emergency. They are available during the trip to assist in finding appropriate medical care or by making arrangements for evacuation and travel home, helping participants get in touch with family members at home, and providing translation services when necessary.

    View policy details here.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Coverage under the Policy does not constitute comprehensive health insurance coverage (a/k/a “major medical insurance”). It therefore does not satisfy the “minimum essential coverage” requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This is only a brief description of the coverage(s) available under policy series C11695DBG-MA. The Policy contains reductions, limitations, exclusions, definitions and termination provisions. Full details of the coverage are contained in the Policy. If there are any conflicts between this document and the Policy, the Policy shall govern. Insurance underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., a Pennsylvania insurance company, with its principal place of business at 175 Water Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10038. It is currently authorized to transact business in all states and the District of Columbia. NAIC No. 19445.

  • Can I purchase optional travel insurance? 

    Yes, optional travel insurance can be purchased for additional cost. For participants interested in purchasing additional travel insurance coverage; we offer RoamRight Pro Plus to help safeguard against cancellation penalties if you must cancel your trip for a covered reason, and to help protect you while traveling for events such as a travel delay, lost baggage or need or Security or Political Evacuation. Purchasing a RoamRight Pro Plus policy for your trip will provide you with additional coverage in case you have travel difficulties or are unable to participate in the trip due to a covered reason such as illness or injury. To learn more about the Pro Plus policy, get a quote or to purchase a policy; go to RoamRight.

    The above is a brief overview of the coverage provided. Please refer to the policy for the complete terms, conditions and exclusions that apply.

Become a Trip Leader
  • What are the benefits of becoming a leader with the AMC Adventure Travel program?

    The benefits of becoming an AMC-AT leader are plentiful. First, the program allows you to build on your current chapter leadership skills and challenges you to create a unique experience for yourself and other AMC members. It allows you to discover new locations with a group of people with similar interests or to revisit some old favorites from a different perspective. The program is designed to subsidize most (or all) of your costs related to the excursion through a careful budgeting process.

  • How to Apply to be a Leader?

    If you are interested in applying to be an associate leader and attend the Adventure Travel training, please first contact the leadership and training co-chair, Sam Jamke You will be asked to complete an application to participate in the program and the training.

    Once you have completed the application and have been accepted into the program, we will send you a link to register for the upcoming training.

  • In addition to attending the leader training are there other leadership requirements?

    The first step is to become an approved Associate Leader. Each trip is generally led by two Leaders or one Leader and an Associate Leader. To become an AT Associate Leader and sign-up for an AT leadership training weekend, before attending the training you must:

    1. Be an active AMC leader at the chapter level for at least ONE year
    2. Have led a minimum of two (2) weekend chapter trips (overnight trips) over past several years.
    3. Provide three references. One of these references must be a written letter of recommendation by a chapter officer, an activity group officer, or a chapter leader with whom you have co-led a trip in the past year

    After the training you must:

    1. Run one (1) chapter trip which will be surveyed by AMC’s AT Program Senior Manager when it has been completed. This trip must be a minimum of 3-day/2-night duration
    2. Complete AMC AT training held annually by the Adventure Travel Committee (ATC)
    3. Obtain Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications prior to your first AT trip as an Associate Leader

  • What if you do not have Chapter leadership experience?

    The AMC-AT Leadership training is generally not for people who are new to AMC leading since the training takes advantage of chapter leadership training and skills. However, people with comparable leadership training (ADK, Sierra Club, GMC, etc.) are welcome to apply. Please note that you will have to become a local AMC chapter leader before co-leading your first AMC-AT trip

  • What do you learn in this leadership training that is different from the Chapter leadership training?

    The AMC-AT leadership training focuses much more in-depth on logistics, budgeting and developing skills to deal with group dynamics over a longer time period. It builds on your current leadership skills and knowledge of the AMC, its policies and procedures. Topics covered include travel logistics, budgeting and reporting, application procedures, risk management, screening, marketing and group dynamics. You are expected to arrive Friday night (or Saturday morning) and stay until Sunday mid-afternoon.

Upcoming Trainings
  • When is the next leader training?

    Our next training will be held on March 24 – 26th, 2023 at Prindle Pond Conference Center in Charlton, MA. This is a once-a-year training with several prerequisites for attendance. Please contact Sam Jamke ( with questions and/or to receive an application for the 2022 training.

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