AMC supports science-based solutions to environmental threats.

AMC is dedicated to the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the outdoors. Each of these interactions with nature is evolving alongside the changing climate around us—predicted and confirmed by science (big and small) within our lifetimes. Approaches informed by science have been at the root of addressing challenges that once may have seemed too big to solve, such as air quality improvements achieved under the Clean Air Act. Recognizing that measured thinking makes the strongest foundation for quick and effective action, we will follow the best science wherever it leads and conduct our own research across AMC’s priority landscapes in order to preserve the outdoor experiences that have shaped AMC since 1876.


Our aim is to create a culture of active conservation that will protect nature and the experiences that depend on it. We encourage participation through a multi-tiered approach that includes a vibrant membership base, a team of scientists and policy advocates, land and water initiatives, and passionate trail maintenance crews.

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Through our conservation research, advocacy for the protection of lands and waters, and building resilient trail systems, AMC creates opportunities for sustainable outdoor experiences. Our science identifies trends and contributes to the mitigation of climate change, positioning us as strong leaders in the fight to protect the planet. With partners and collaborators, we are building upon AMC’s strong track record in long-term monitoring and mountain research to enhance our understanding of northeastern ecosystems.

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